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It’s Not Too Late. The DFW Market is still prime to buy!

I am sure you have heard by all the media reports that DFW Real Estate is going crazy. We are in a VERY SERIOUS Sellers Market. The businesses moving into North Texas create a huge magnet that keeps drawing people to homes in our area.
In January, Forbes wrote expected home prices in DFW to grow by 31% in the next 3 years, the highest growth of any city they have listed.  31%!!!
Forbes says that The DFW AScreen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.13.58 PMrea is the best market to invest in housing in 2017!
Like I mentioned, the $200,000 home you buy in January 2017 will be valued at $262,000 in January 2020!! $62,000 equity projected in 3 years. This is unheard of in our area. Normally we linger along at 3%-5%.         Five percent is a good year for us. Ten percent for the next three years is crazy!
Forbes bases this projection on a 6.2 percent population growth from 2012 to 2015. And if you are out driving like I am, you can see this growing every day. It was a 3.9% jobs gain last year and a 9% annual home price gain last year. It’s a good and perfect storm!
According to Forbes, “Homes in Dallas are also under-valued compared to the rest of the country.” My Texas buyers would disagree with that statement; they can’t believe how much property values are. And when I work with out-of-state buyers, they can’t believe how low the prices are. They’re surprised at how much house they can get for the money. It’s an interesting squeeze on both sides!
It is not too late.
I just got a call from a lady up in Ohio. She’s thinking of moving back to Texas. She somehow received a postcard from me saying I just sold a house on Driftwood. How she got this postcard I have no idea! Funny, but I could not remember this home. I was trying to think of recent closings and Driftwood didn’t come to mind. I did a search and did find it. This was a listing I sold last year in Euless’ Morrisdale Subdivision for $330,000.  She reported that she sold her home in Morrisdale in 2010 for $180,000; she couldn’t believe how much the prices have escalated. 2008 was the crash, and 2010 was the beginning of our market coming back. And now, we are almost fully BACK!!  That’s a $150,000 increase in 7 years.
Still, we have not peaked in North Texas. This remains a good, smart time to buy your home or obtain an investment property. According to most reports I see, we’re not yet at the top, but we could be there in the next three years. No one can predict it outright. We can only look at the trends and the facts. The facts show that businesses continue to flood to Texas, a large portion of them to North Texas. As jobs are created, people follow the jobs. The people demand housing and our prices keep rising.
Now is the time to buy your home or invest in a rental. Call us or email any questions you have on Real Estate. Don’t wait three years. The time is now.
PS… I own two investment properties and I am looking for more. The two properties I have will increase in value 31% in the next three years. That’s over $100,000!! If you would like to talk about investing, call me. I’ve helped others get into investing to rent and also investing to buy, fix up and sell. According to Forbes, DALLAS is the #1 market in which to invest. We top the charts! Don’t miss out.

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