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How to Stay Competitive as you Buy a House

As a Buyer, how do I compete in this Multiple Offer World?Many times we are seeing multiple offers on homes. Low inventory (not many homes on the market) and lots of people moving to North Texas caused buying a home very competitive!
I have said this before but we are in a SELLER’S MARKET! Let me explain;
–    Even though homes prices have risen we are still considered to be reasonably priced
–    People are moving here. McKinney will double in size in the next 10 years. McKinney used to WAAAAAY out there.The Metroplex continues to expand.
–    Businesses are moving here creating jobs and the people follow. Coca Cola, State Farm, Toyota, Fannie Mae, The OReilly Home Team. Businesses love pro-business Texas.
This has created a total seller’s market. It is not easy being a buyer in this market. It is hard but not impossible and we believe this is the time to buy before we see a 31% increase that Forbes predicts for out area in the next 3 years.

                 How do You Compete?!

1)    Put in your best offer first. This is not the time to low ball. We will run the numbers for you to see how the home is priced to protect you.  If it is close to what the sales says the home is worth put in your best offer.
2)    Be prepared to pay list price or over. The values are going up every month. Homes are selling over list due to the competition.
3)    Offer to pay the Title Policy. Sellers normally pay this and this could lean them toward your offer.
4)    Be fully approved by your lender. Most people are pre-approved.  To be fully approved you must meet with the lender and get all the information they need now. Being fully approved makes you look stronger.
5)    Prepare to move fast to lock down the contract. There are ways for us to protect you and ways out of the contract and we will PROTECT you. Once it is locked down, we will have time for inspections and whatever else you want to do. But we must lock it down.
6)    Use the OHT. Together we have 14 years of experience and we will get it done!

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